Withdrawal Funds

To withdraw funds from an existing account, please complete and fax the withdrawal form to: + 1.201.345.2211.
Withdrawal requests are processed the same day if received by 2:00 PM (EST).

Transfer by Check: There is no fee for withdrawal requests via check.

Transfer by Wire: Withdrawal requests via wire transfer will incur a $40 fee for wires within the United States, and $40 for international wires (including Canada).

Please indicate your six (6) digit ID # on all wires, checks, withdrawal requests, and any correspondence to us to help expedite processing time.
Notice: Transfers are allowed only between customer’s own accounts. Clients may not transfer funds from their account into an account of another customer. Requests for transfer into third party accounts will not be processed.

To transfer funds from an existing account to a new account, please fill out the transfer below and the last page of the Trading Agreement.

Please fax the completed documents to +1.201.345.2211.